Fall Line Analytics and Principal David Latterman have conducted dozens of research studies in the political, corporate, and academic worlds.  Below are examples of some of our research, including a library of San Francisco and California political research over the past several years. 

Political Research (links to papers)

Academic publications

  • Cook, Corey and Latterman, David, Governing California: Politics, Government, and Public Policy in the Golden State, Institute of Governmental Studies Press; third edition edition, 2013
  • Cook, Corey and Latterman, David, "Landslide: The “Obama Surge” and the Future of California Politics", California Journal of Politics and Policy, 4(2), 2012
  • Cook, Corey and Latterman, David, "San Benito County and California's Geopolitical Fault Lines" (2011). McCarthy Center Faculty Publications. Paper 10.

Selected analytical experience

  • ConnectSF transportation scenario planning [2016-7]
  • SFCTA/ San Francisco Office of the Mayor Child Transportation Survey [2015-6]
  • SFPD Redistricting (crime stats and moving district lines) [2014-5]
  • SFMTA Economic analysis of streetscape improvements [2014]
  • SF Waterfront field poll [2013]
  • Several online San Francisco issues polls (with SF Survey and USF) [2013]
  • California Tourism statewide focus groups and survey [2007, 2012, 2015]
  • Analysis of several San Francisco organizations' membership surveys [2003-2011]
  • San Francisco Immigration Survey [2012]
  • California Community College demographics and research [2012]
  • Regional demographic analysis - in multiple American cities - for retail store siting [2007-8]
  • Demographic analysis of San Francisco Police Department district boundaries and foot patrols [2007-8]
  • Demographic statistics for legal research [2007]
  • Analytical and spatial examination of San Francisco taxicab patterns [2007]
  • Analysis of changing health care systems in San Francisco [2006-7]
  • Survey analysis for California Small Business [2006-2007]
  • Poll design and analysis (with mapping) for public affairs firm (testing public perceptions of development projects) [2006]
  • Poll design and analysis for Sacramento lobbying efforts of statewide association [2006]
  • Survey design and analysis for online gaming company [2006]
  • Quantitative market research for internet staffing company [2005-6]
  • Survey Research for PhD candidates [2005-6]
  • Mapping of San Francisco Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Applicable Zoning to Frame Legislative Debate [2005]
  • Advanced Demographic Research of Internet Usage [2005]
  • Statistical Analysis of San Francisco Transportation Patterns [2005]
  • Demographic Analysis of High-End Wine Drinkers [2005]
  • Demographic Analysis of Multi-Union Skilled Trade Workers [2004-5]
  • Time-Study Analysis of California Dept. of Health and Human Services caseload time allotment [2003]
  • Examination of California Employment Development Department Unemployment Insurance Practices [2002]
  • Statistical analysis of terrorist attack probabilities and modeling of US Department of Health and Human Services counter-terrorism resource allocation (for Monterey Institute of international Studies) [2002]
  • Analytical examination of California Department of Fish and Game budget and assessment of fee-for-service economics [2001-2]
  • Statistical analysis of California Utilities' blackout patterns (for California Public Utilities Commission) [2001]